Limited Ed. 99

Dimensions: 5W x 10H x 2D Inches 

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Transcendence is a combination of history, heritage, and commemoration. It envelops Charleston's trademark as the Holy City while honoring the nine members of Emanuel A.M.E Church whose lives ended too soon. Each of the nine Charleston Palmetto Roses are hand-woven using leaves from local Palmetto Trees. It is ingrained with a history that dates back to the Civil War. Tradition holds that Southern ladies would give their true love a Palmetto Rose to keep them safe during battle. Today, it remains as a symbol of everlasting love.

As the rose represents one component of Charleston's history, the colors represent another. Charleston Green was created during Reconstruction Era. Union soldiers sent buckets of government mandated black paint to Charleston, which locals then mixed with green and yellow. This resulted in a very dark and greenish black. It's a color that can be seen on doors, ironwork, and shutters throughout Charleston and its historic district. Brick Red symbolizes the color of brick used to construct many of Charleston's 18th and 19th century homes. On many of the surrounding plantations, slaves would collect clay, stomp water into the clay, and fire the clay resulting in uniform, yet individually unique bricks. Many bricks reveal fingerprints of the men and women who made them. And throughout these historic streets of Charleston trotted carriages elegantly constructed and often painted black, Carriage Black.

*All fabrication completed by Fletcher Williams III. (Hand-painted Poplar and Pine Wood, Handwoven Charleston Palmetto Roses)