BBC Podcast - The Forum - "Re-Awakening Language"

Summary: "Many of us are fluent in at least one language and some people are proficient in two, three, four or even more. But not all languages around the world are in good health. In fact it is thought that at least half of the languages that are alive today could cease to be spoken by the end of this century. What can we do about it? How do you re-awaken hibernating or dying languages and the cultures that go with them? Or, is some extinction inevitable? Bridget Kendall discusses the positive things that are happening with some minority languages, focusing on Australia, Nepal and Hawaii with linguists Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann and Dr. Candace Kaleimamoowahinekapu Galla and anthropologist Dr. Mark Turin."

As you listen to this Podcast think of Gullah. 

"Along the southeastern coast of the United States there is a narrow strip of land which is known to linguists and dialect geographers as the Gullah Area. This region, which includes the sea islands along the coast, extends roughly from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida, and inland for about one hundred miles. Living in this area are African-American people who are descendants of the tribesmen brought to the New World during the time of the Slave Trade. These people still speak variations of the original creole language known as Gullah." - Charleston County Public Library - The Gullah Creole Language by Virginia Mixson Geraty