Revising divisive phrasing.


City of Charleston’s Palmetto Rose Notice sign at the corner of Meeting St. and Market St.

Williams’ Revision:

A Notice for Charleston, 2019
Aluminum Sign
12 x 18 in
Fletcher Williams III

Note - City of Charleston has not endorsed my revision and does not use my version of the NOTICE sign. This is merely a rebuttal, a creative intervention.

Language is powerful. How do residents, business owners, and tourists interact with young black artisans whose city has labeled them “roaming peddlers” and their enterprise “illegal” for not selling at designated kiosks? Charleston is having a hard time finding the right language, so I offered some assistance. I revised the phrasing and installed the new sign in areas off limits to Palmetto Rose artisans. Sites include the John C Calhoun statue, Waterfront Park, Market St, Rainbow Row, The Battery, and Hampton Park. This city has a long history of regulating the black presence and entrepreneurship.