10 South Carolina Artists You Need to Know


“A main component of the mission of Palmetto Curatorial Exchange is to educate the next generation of young professionals. They are hearing stories from my international network of museum directors, freelancers, art advisors, gallerists and artists. Not just my own interpretation on curating, but where other people have landed. It is also to build a little army of South Carolina badasses to send out into the world, making the connections that can lead to future projects,” Stucker proudly declares. FULL ARTICLE

Image: Fletcher Williams III - The Chapel

"In this series, local artists will be paired with international figures like established artists Rashid Johnson and Henry Taylor, as well as emerging stars Michi Meko, Victoria—Idongesit Udondian and Charleston-based artist Fletcher Williams, III. And here we present 10 such South Carolina artists you need to know."