Urban Pulse
    Curated by Jordan Baker-CaldwellOpening - Friday, January 29, 2010 | 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    Urban Pulse Show Card

    We are in the age of “catalogization,” a time were the technology of our era has afforded us the time and ability to reflect upon the wealth of human achievement, and where our most significant addition to the quilt of history is itself the organization and categorization of that information.

    This predilection for classification is at the core of who we are as a people; we find security in knowing and naming the things around us, that act gives us a sense of control over factors and elements we otherwise have no power over; at its most basic level, it all stems from our need to define ourselves in relation to the world.

    How does one define one’s self? Is it by their achievements, by income, by language, by gender, by race? Are we defined by who we believe ourselves to be or are we placed into the categories and groupings we as a society have already outlined for ourselves? In Urban Pulse we examine theses questions from the point of view of “the now.” Using the living current of New York City as inspiration we are taken on a journey through the Artist’s inner vision of the world and its substance, challenging social morays and inviting us to actively engage in the search for self.

Justin West

“Wolves Never Cry” by Justin West, 2009 - 36″ x 48,″ Acrylic on Canvas

Justin West is a young emerging talent in the art world. Justin, also know as JAYWEST, is directly influenced by New York City and his personal experiences. He creates works dealing with oppression in the black community; ideas of social identity, the choices and consequences of urban life and the early LA gang scene. A Surrealist and Pop Artist, he draws inspiration from many creative sources and incorporates their visual styles into his work, creating his own distinctive style. In his own words, “I am driven by love of seeing beautiful things come to life.”
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