Chunky Cheeks, Gold Grill, and a Black Nissan Maxima

I passed a Nissan Maxima sitting low to the ground parked in front of 

a corner store. The driver was inside and left his car running and the 

music playing. The windows were rolled down letting a track by

Jay Z and R Kelly blare out into the streets. The trunk was knocking

like it had three band members chained down inside playing bass

drums. The closer I got to the car the more I could hear the bolts in the

car’s frame rattle from all the power coming from the bass in the trunk.

I just smiled. 

I walked into the Laundromat only to be greeted by my favorite woman.

She always gives me this disapproving smirk and kind of cuts her eye.

It’s usually followed with a “Mm hm”. I just grin in return.  I would

oppose her smirk but I’m usually to busy staring at her four gold front

teeth peeking through her chunky cheeks and lips. I pay for my laundry

and tell her I’ll see her next week. She replies. “Mm hm. Alright now.”