Pastor Troy - Oh Father

Verse 3

No way to win cause we are in for the ride of our lives
I was writing this shit I had to wipe my eyes
Cause this is chaos they after us we'll never succeed
Cause we some ignorant ass niggas but all we need
Is to see I guarantee if we stop competing
Get our children out these fucking streets and get them to reading
Now I'm just speaking shit who am I to tell anyone
I'm telling you it take nothing new up under the sun
You got your gun but fuck your gun if you gone run when they chase ya
Why don't you do some of that crazy shit you threaten the baser
Now or later we gone have to, stand up and fight
We pay the taxes in this bitch nigga use your right
And yeah I know I ain't right but I'll be damned if I'm wrong
They say two wrongs don't make a right but yet it's making me strong
And when I'm gone I hope this song rang in your heart
My nigga ain't no better time than right now to start.