A Small Spectator at the Opening of Souvenir

It was toward the end of the reception that I walked to the last room containing the two lights pieces (Left: Bun 3:42 and Right

: Boosie 3:19) and noticed this young boy gazing at these puzzling and unfamiliar characters. The typography, appearing to be

Hebrew or Arabic, is actually English. These two pieces contain lyrics sourced from well known rappers who's lyrics are a direct

commentary of life in the hood. The titles are formatted to read like verses from a spiritual text but actually signify the artist and the

the time at which this verse occurs in the song. 


Boosie - I Know  (right) Listen Here

Lyrics read:

The streets ain't promised to us niggas in that dirty south

That's why I'm ridin with my nine tryin' to make it out

And it's hard to live, in a community where ain't no fuckin unity