Royal Missionary Baptist Church to Park Cirlce

It always baffles me when I can attend a cultural event in North Charleston and be the only black person within a sea of attendees. Rock-A-Bill-A Que is taking place in Park Circle right now and what I just described is certainly the case. I have more questions than answers as to why the crowd is so bright. The event was featured in the City Paper and posters were hung in the local restaurants and bars. But I'll also say that white residents, young and old, mainly attend Park Circle establishments.

Classic cars and vintage motorcycles are a fascination of mine but that may not be the case for everyone. But I find it hard to believe, that in the majority black neighborhoods that surround park circle, there is not a single soul that enjoys the rumbling of a classic hot rod engine and the candy paint jobs that are glistens under today's sun.

I am also fascinated by the absence of black kids. North Charleston High School sits at the entrance of the newly rejuvenated Park Circle strip. It's s a school that has been labeled as a "failing school". The school population is almost entirely black. It barely has enough students to fill the football roster and not enough to make use of the baseball diamond that is overgrown with weeds, consuming the red clay that I once played on during my high school days.

Furthermore, Rock-A-Bill-A Que benefits, This is Noteworthy, a local non-profit that’s geared toward bridging the gap between classroom and career for creative professionals. There seems to be a missed opportunity here. But maybe I'm just channeling the sentiments of Dr. James Cone that I heard just moments earlier at Royal Missionary Baptist Church.